Inspired by a conversation between me and fevildevil

I was working on a Harry Potter birthday pic (be posted in a min) and getting really frustrated-

Me: I think I’m just very irritable because of my period. Harry picked a bad day for his birthday.
Syd: imagine the years where harry goes up to ginny and says “birthday sex?” and she goes “period”
Syd: omfg could you imagine after harry is sitting with firewhisky with ron complaining about no sex and ron’s eye is just twitching from the “you’re shagging my sister….”

Drawings are great, are you going to do anymore of them? :)


Anonymous asked:

How come you're not often on some sort of video game focused podcast? I really like the content you put together over at gamespot but a few minutes of the point and your role as the host of the lobby isn't enough to get across all those well resoned, balanced opinions out there.

dannyodwyer answered:

You’re very kind. I’m not sure, we have a GameSpot podcast but it’s more a quiz show than a discussion. Actually, soon enough The Point will finally be off the weekly schedule (by my own request) and myself and Andy will have more time to do work on more interesting stuff. I cannot wait.

Me neither. :)



hey friendly reminder that ginny weasley is the love of harry’s life. she is his soulmate and his wife and the mother of his children and he even smells her in amortentia because that is how strong his thirst is. she was the only person he thought of before he died like he LOVES her goddamn. he thinks she is wonderful and beautiful and tough and funny. she is his boo 5ever. <3





I don’t think Ginny would have had her last name changed to Potter

We’re talking about Ginny "I broke up with my boyfriend because I thought he helped me through the portrait hole and I am independent enough to do that alone thank you very much" Weasley

We’re also talking about Ginny “I really love my husband so I am going to take his name because I really want everyone to know that he’s MY husband” Weasley. It’s her choice. Hermione chose not to take Ron’s name and that’s her prerogative. Ginny chose to take Harry’s name and that’s her prerogative. And aside from everything else, there are loads of Weasleys but not many Potters.

Harry was literally the only Potter left in the world because his entire family was dead. I think her changing her name had a lot to do with her telling him that he’s not alone and he has a family now. It’s no longer just about him, they are a team. They are the Potters now and “deal with it you stupid git because I’m with you whatever happens”. THINK ABOUT HOW MUCH THAT MEANT TO HARRY WHO WAS ALL ALONE FOR SO LONG AND NEVER HAD HIS OWN FAMILY. LIKE THAT’S BEAUTIFUL OK.

But I mean if you don’t like the idea of women changing their name then that’s totally cool. I just understand why Jo would think Ginny would do it. :)


Absolutely, 100%, that name change would be a conscious choice by Ginny to show Harry her devotion to him. I always imagined that she would do that. They started a family together, after all, and Harry never knew his. I think he would have really appreciated it.


Anonymous asked:

Do you remember how Ron told Hermione that Harry was talking in his sleep in OotP, Harry was so angry at Ron and was like "Yeah, I was dreaming of your awful Quidditch skills" but when Luna said that Ginny told her about Sirius, he was just like "Oh...right, you see thestrals." Hmmm, what interestingly different reactions Harry displayed, though Ron and Ginny were both talking about him without his permission. Hmmmm. I wonder what this could foreshadow, Harry/Ginny? The fandom is so clueless.

deanbumchester answered:

Oooh that is a very good point, didn’t make that connection before :). I always loved how soft Harry was with Ginny. Even when he was young he was always so sweet and gentle, greeted her and tried to talk to her even when all she did was blush and embarrass herself he never pointed it out or made her feel bad about it, like with that butter dish incident or with her singing valentine.

I also love how Ginny has a way of completely effecting his tone in tense situations. Besides the infamous ‘lucky you’ scene obvsss one of my favourite moments is in HBP when Hermione is all on his case about the potions book he’s really short with her but as soon as Ginny comes in expressing her own doubts he gets all soothing and comforting and it’s just sooo


you lil babe you care about her fears and feelings so much!!!!!