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Do you have any Ginny and Hermione friendship headcanons?

ladyknightley answered:

Do I

  • they don’t really know each other until Hermione comes to stay at The Burrow before the World Cup and they’re supposed to share Ginny’s room and things really awkward at first then Ginny asks to pet Crookshanks and they start talking about pets and they don’t really stop talking ever again
  • Ginny’s the first person to guess about Hermione liking Ron but she doesn’t say anything because Hermione’s so nice and (unlike her brothers) doesn’t tease her about Harry
  • Hermione is the first person Ginny really opens up to about being possessed by Voldemort and she feels bad because there’s not a lot she can do to help but Ginny assures her that just listening is enough
  • but when they get back to school and Hermione has access to the library again, Ginny finds notes shoved in her schoolbag all the time with something else Hermione has read that might help her deal with it, and she thinks it’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for her
  • before the Yule Ball Hermione is really stressed about Viktor kissing her because she’s never kissed anyone before and oh God what if she’s awful at it and all the books she’s read say different things about how to do it and what is she going to do and Ginny just rolls her eyes, leans over and says “this” and kisses her quickly
  • Ginny is the only person to know the whole truth about Hermione and Viktor Krum
  • Ginny teaches Hermione the bat-bogey hex but the only time Hermione uses it is when she overhears some girls calling Ginny a slut for dating “so many” boys [headcanons aimed at certain sections of the fandom, ahem]
  • Hermione is the worlds biggest fangirl over Harry and Ginny and tries to push them together all the time once it becomes clear Harry likes her (which I’m pretty sure is actually canon tbh)
  • when they go back to school in their seventh/eighth year they have such a good time being in classes with each other and studying together and going to Hogsmeade and it’s all just really nice and almost makes up for the horrors of the previous year
  • Ginny’s Head Girl and gets her own room which she gives to Hermione at night because her post-war nightmares are really bad and she’s scared of waking the other girls in her dorm with her screaming
  • when they get a bit older and start ~doing things~ with their boyfriends they of course want to talk about it, just to check everything’s normal, y’know? But it’s just too weird to talk about their respective brothers, so they use code words: Hermione’s dating David Hasselhoff (who was her mum’s celebrity crush) and Ginny’s dating Archibald Pfiffering, the captain of the Chuddley Cannons (long story they won’t share)
  • this works fine until Holyhead play Chuddley and Ginny, as Captain, has to pose for loads of pre-game pictures with him and Ron and Harry don’t understand why she’s so flustered and Hermione keeps cracking up
  • they go out together at least once a month for some girly time, but they can’t stand being in the wizarding world and always being photographed etc, so Hermione teaches Ginny how to get on as a muggle and she becomes nearly as infatuated as her father with things like the cinema (“the pictures move and speak! It’s amazing!”)
  • they’re both each others’ bridesmaid of course, only they say they’re each others’ “best woman” because it sounds so much cooler
  • when Rose and Hugo aren’t babies any more but they’re not school age, Hermione really wants to go back to work but she doesn’t want to leave her children, either, so Ginny just has them at her house every day whilst she writes her Prophet pieces and Hermione brings them all sandwiches in her lunch break and sometimes Ron and Harry pop in too, and they’re all just so happy bc let’s face it, they all deserve that
  • sometimes Harry and Ginny or Ron and Hermione will argue, but Ginny and Hermione always take each others’ side, even when they’re in the wrong, because women have to stick together, you know?
  • when Molly gets too old and her family too large for her alone to knit the jumpers, Ginny and Hermione take over and having knitting fests every Saturday from October onward, but they’re always careful to knit each other’s jumper in secret so it’s still a surprise, except Hermione’s is always periwinkle blue and Ginny’s is always Holyhead green
  • long, long into the future, both their husbands die before they do (peacefully, in their sleep), and Ginny and Hermione move in together and look after each other, and neither of them have to say how much they miss Harry and Ron because there’s no other person who loved them as much as they did, and no other person they’d let love them as much as they did


Lineart by Burdge - original drawing
Coloring by me (Isuani)
I ever wanted to color one of burdge’s unbelievable perfect drawing and now I finally did.
She, together with viria, was my inspiration to start with fanart.
So if you maybe ever see this, I hope you like it.

this is so lovely!!! thank you for coloring it. <333

This picture is kinda hot, actually.



Lineart by Burdge - original drawing

Coloring by me (Isuani)

I ever wanted to color one of burdge’s unbelievable perfect drawing and now I finally did.

She, together with viria, was my inspiration to start with fanart.

So if you maybe ever see this, I hope you like it.

this is so lovely!!! thank you for coloring it. <333

This picture is kinda hot, actually.



Some other facts about Josephine Baker (Freda Josephine McDonald)

  • She first married at the age of 13
  • She danced alongside Ethel Waters at the Plantation Club in New York City
  • She tried to bring her career to America in 1936 but the racism forced her back to France
  • She was a member of the Free French forces during WWII
  • She also worked for the French Resistance during WWII. She smuggled messages in her underwear and music sheets.
  • She was awarded the Croix de Guerre and the Legion of Honour for her work with the French military
  • She was married 4 times
  • She adopted 12 children from around the world
  • She attended the March on Washington and was one of the speaker’s
  • In 1973 she finally got to perform at Carnegie Hall in NYC
  • Princess Grace of Monaco was a friend of Josephine Baker
  • Josephine Baker died in her sleep of a cerebral hemorrhage on April 12, 1975 at the age of 69
  •  Over 20,000 people attended her funeral procession in Paris
  • May 20th is Josephine Baker Day as declared by the NAACP because of her Civil Rights work

Sources: wikipedia




sometimes i get mad that the books never acknowledged the clear parallels between draco/ginny/harry and how the narratives puts them in a perfect triangle - ginny being shaped by the horcruxes, draco by the hallows and harry using them both to defeat voldemort, the person who puts all three of them through unimaginable mental trauma

and as a symptom of that I will always hate that the harry/ginny relationship was represented as this something that just randomly occurred one day and lasted forever~ when we could have explored the connection between harry and ginny as the two children who had to live with horcruxes in their heads and who lost their family, their autonomy and their innocence in the battle against voldemort

#never forget how wrong these books did ginny#/never/ (via apriki)

Ginny was shaped by the Horcruxes and Draco was shaped by the Hallows? Are you high?




I went to an Arab-American comedy night and there was a Muslim guy making a joke about being in high school football.

"I was hit so hard, I saw Jesus. Do you know how hard you have to be hit to see somebody else’s god?"

This is what jokes about religion are supposed to look like.

Must… resist… correcting…